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NFTenet has tutorials, explainer articles, reviews of NFT projects, and overviews of artists.

This site is being built in public by Julian Martinez, because there isn't really a site to fill this niche.

When learning about a new subject, why not do it 'live' so everyone else can learn at the same time?

This site also has another purpose: to show how much can be built in exactly how much time.

So beyond the NFT content, there will also be articles about the technical choices, covering every aspect of web app creation.

I'm @julianeon on most platforms: Twitter, GitHub.

I've resided in the Bay Area since 2013. I worked at San Francisco technology startups for over 5 years, including Apollo GraphQL, PagerDuty, and Ripple (approximately employee #50 in 2014).

Since 2017, I've run Excelsitor, a San Francisco-based software engineering consultancy. Read more about me on my homepage.