Saturday 11/27/21

Finished the NFT marketplaces article

Added a lot of links

Replaced a couple index page icons

Friday 11/26/21

Obviously a lot of time passed between the last update and this one

I did a lot I don't entirely remember now, but recently I did:

Everything in featured, where I've been putting new posts

5 blog posts in all

NFT's for profit, generative art projects, cheap NFT's, free NFT's, NFT marketplaces

Friday 10/22/21

Uploaded a new blog post, on finding NFTs on Solana

Redid the fonts on splash page

Thursday 10/21/21

Reorganized index page display sections into a component (code)

Moved text objects into their own js file

Wednesday 10/20/21

Responded to indiehackers

Added a few more links

Mostly a rest day

Tuesday 10/19/21

Coded an email catcher

Added it to almost every page

Added links to nft explainer and how to find good nfts

Added a lot more links to every page, it was a full days work.

On the plus side it made the content much much better. Links are really worth following.

Monday 10/18/21

Changed 'on blockchains and cryptocurrencies' post into a current & relevant 'nft explainer' post

Coded the counter of days since founding to be automatically calculated

Also updated big red date. Should automate that, manual for now

Update: big update. Overhauled the site.

Broke front page into sections - artists, projects, concepts.

Started fvckrender profile.

Wrote a guide to finding NFT's

Posted site to Indiehackers. Got a couple comments!

Last (chronologically) but not least, added the great Greg Audel to the site, as my co-founder and contributor.

Sunday 10/17/21

I tweeted it out

Now the real work begins

I also adjusted all 3 posted reviews, made the text better, more professional

I made the format of them more similar looking too

Links are now same color, not underlined

Saturday 10/16/21

Morning! Having a slow one

But I’ve updated the site

I learned something interesting today - learned that you can export iPhone texts to email messages pretty easily & effectively

Which means we can chat here and anything work oriented I can easily transform into a blog post

And honestly chatting here seems a lot more attractive, and long term productive, than typing into a Google doc

I totally agree! Much easier

My goal today is to announce this site on Twitter

I mean that & other stuff… but that’s my main NFTenet goal


I might even include pieces of this convo as part of a chat log thing, if that’s ok w you

Kinda nice to see a record of what we do, our work, online & see it all contributing to making something better

Sure. That’s fine.

I also want to get thru backlog of some Twitter links, projects I was considering… but first, walk the dog

Then send email(s), then do the backlog

What I mean is, I save bookmarks of projects found on Twitter for me to look through

Those will become write ups/reviews on the site

Smart move

Anyway… nice day here! Good beach day, may make some time for that

Smart! The beach improves everything!

A little later I thought I’d try to write out the outline of history of NFTs, here… as texts, then as blog

Would be instructive & inspirational (as they say in the biz, inspo)

I did some more updates and reviewed a project that's live now called DeusXNFT