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The first megafamous NFT artist was Beeple, but he has a lot of competition now.

One of the most famous NFT artists is a creator who goes by the name Pak.

He created a semi-automated social media account named Archillect, with a hefty 2.7 million followers. The image above comes from that account, as do many others.

Many NFT's feature an element of automation. Archillect does this too. The account selects images based on keywords and popularity. Those are then shown on its social media account.

Pak uses this as inspiration for his own work, which has often been described as futuristic, metallic, clean - as shown by his pyramid, above.

Another famous artist is Fewocious.

pak image

Fewocious is known not only for his art, but for being a kind, generous person in the NFT community. He started from nothing and build a big following around his art - almost 20 million dollars worth of sales, so far.

Fewocious makes digital collages that mix the hand-drawn and the machine-made.

He also has the distinction of being the youngest artist featured by Christie's, and the first to crash their website.

Another famous artist is Gabe Weis.


His art is Picasso-like. He makes paintings and illustrations that often start off hand painted, then get digitally modified before the final uploaded NFT creation.

He recently did a very well-attended show in LA, and does collaborations from time to time. He's a very prolific, creative artist with proven staying power.

Another famous artist is Ghxsts. That x in place of a vowel is a trademark of his, as in his Dxmxns project.

ghxst image

He makes hand-drawn cartoon-like illustrations that make for a unique personal mythology.

Another notable artist, with a very modern aesthetic, is XCOPY.

He's got a loose, gritty drawing style that's distinctively his, a mix of splattery strokes and digital noise with some animation on the side.

XCOPY has a very respectable 104k followers on Twitter, and on OpenSea, the 'floor' price (lowest price his art is selling at) is 4.8 ETH, almost 20k in US dollars. The total value of the art he's sold, to date, is about 52 million.

Also, he's got a sense of humor, which is nice.

xcopy image

Finally, you can look up notable sales in the NFT space, and find famous artists that way too. For that, cryptoart's page on most expensive artworks is a good resource.

While this price has been eclipsed by Beeple's whopping 69 million price tag for 'Everydays', Kevin Abosch sold this work of art, a digital image of a rose, for a cool million when NFT's first started taking off, in 2018 (it set a record at the time).

He also posts on Twitter, where he's a good resource for all things art and NFT.

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New artists are becoming famous all the time, with followings on social media in the tens, or even hundreds, of thousands.

To find them, monitor a keyword like NFTs, or just stay active in communities that stay current on NFT artists.