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FVCKRENDER is a famous artist, with one of the largest NFT followings on Twitter.

They do 3d art, and rendered art, with smooth, metallic/futuristic surfaces, often with a watery, digital sheen.

Their pieces have been auctioned on both Sotheby's and Christie's. They are also listed on Superrare, a premium marketplace.

Their pieces sell frequently at high values. Their last pieces, a 3d render of a marble-like hand holding a crystal, sold for 22 ETH, over 41k at the time of writing.

There's a good writeup about them in Time magazine, as part of an NFT collection organized by the magazine. They live in Canada, and worked in restaurants before picking up 3d rendering.

fvckrender biography

In terms of the community, they are also very well connected.

We would designate them as an artist to watch in the NFT space.

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