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https://goblinlab.io/#/ | 10/27/21



GoblinLabNFT is an interesting project with several good ideas. It's worth a close look.

As they say on their website:

This project is an experiment to go beyond canned, cookie-cutter NFTs. We want you in the creation process.

The basic idea is that your NFT gives you access to their 'studio' where you can construct a fully original NFT, an eldritch goblin monster.

The assets are also incredible.

They are all the work of one artist, who has been making eerie goblin illustrations. The 'bench' of art is deep and truly unique - this is a project that looks like no other.

Because of the distinctiveness of the art, and the novelty of the NFT assembly concept, this project seems better than average, and could be worth your consideration.

GoblinLab is minting on Solana for 3 Solana, roughly $600 at the time of writing.

UPDATE: this project sold out within 6 minutes.

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