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Greg Audel is a marketer and account manager for Excelsitor.

As a cofounder, he's been involved since the very beginning. He still believes what he did on the first day: that crypto, and NFT's, are taking over the world - with his help.

As a storyteller and newcomer to the space, he also believes he can be a guide to other people trying to learn too.

Greg's been a marketer, promoter, and event organizer for over twenty years.

His biggest events have sold thousands of tickets, including at multiple large venues throughout Texas.

He's spoken to an audience of millions, literally, through his pieces on the hit radio show The Moth.

You can also listen to Greg when he guest hosts the radio show, "So, What's Your Story?"

You can catch him on Twitter at @GregAudel, where he personally responds to every DM.

Reach out to Greg for interview opportunities, questions, and anything NFT related where he can be of service.