sushiswap onsen poap nft

Example of an NFT gained through participation.

If you want to dip your toes into NFT's without spending a bunch of money - you can.

One way is to buy inexpensive NFT's, especially from a blockchain like Tezos, on a site like

Another, even simpler way, is to just hang out in chat rooms where free NFT's are awarded.

In other words, free NFT's are out there waiting for you to claim them, if you're willing to do the work to gain them.

There's a kind of NFT called a POAP - a proof of attendance NFT - that is given out to anyone attending an event.

How can you attend an event where people give out NFT's? Easy - find an NFT chat room.

You can find many of these on the bird app: Twitter. You can also find these on the original buzzy voice chat app: Clubhouse.

If you choose to hang out in one of those app's relevant rooms for 2-3 hours, it's not unusual to collect a couple NFT's in that time.

Basically there are new NFT's and protocols rolling out all the time, and they all face the same initial problem - becoming known.

To incentivize people to try them out and remember their service, they'll give out NFT's for free. All you have to do is enter your address in the chat - which, in this case, is a legitimate request.

Even major crypto brands, like SushiSwap, do this. This is one person's account of getting a POAP from Sushiswap.

The method, step by step, is pretty simple.

First, follow an NFT account on Twitter (plenty of those).

Next, get a MetaMask account, and deposit some Ethereum into it. A very small amount is OK - but it needs to have something, to register your address.

Then find a Twitter account that's doing a Twitter space - that is, an audio chat room - now, or in the future.

At the appropriate time, join the chat room.

Listen to what the speakers have to say, learn, and wait.

When they announce their giving out NFT's - have your address ready. MetaMask will tell you what it is, in the UI.

Finally, and ideally: profit!

Receive your NFT; it should show up in your account in a wallet like MetaMask's

Even if you can't resell your NFT, it still goes towards building your NFT & crypto credibility.

And now you're good to go.

Keep doing this, keep accumulating NFT's, and keep learning - you never know where the next opportunity will come from.

Last but not least - have fun!