solana abstractica art on digitaleyes exchange

'Abstractica' Solana art for sale on DigitalEyes.

You've probably heard about Solana: it's becoming more famous every day.

It was created by Anatoly Yavochenko and his engineering coufounders (many of them ex-Qualcomm) to be fast, efficient, and very inexpensive per transaction.

Now you can buy NFTs on Solana - and with buyer interest growing all the time, this could be a good time to explore.

First, you'll need a wallet. We recommend Phantom.

So go on Coinbase, buy Solana, then send it to your wallet: done and done.

Now check out a marketplace, to see what you can purchase with your newly obtained Solana.

One market is Digital Eyes market, which has a nice, clean interface.

Another is, which is slightly more busy but helpfully features projects you can learn about on the site.

That's where you buy - the final step in the process. Taking a step back, you might ask: How do I find good Solana projects?

The answer, generally, is: the same way you find good projects on other blockchains (which I wrote about in "How To Find NFTs").

There are a few platforms where crypto people, including Solana people, congregate. Use those to find what people are talking about, and sleepers which could be the next big thing.

One of the top ones is Discord.

Find the Solana Discord and go there, to learn about the community and its interests.

Another is Twitter.

Look up #sol and #nft and you should find accounts that are relevant: find the good ones of those, and then watch what they post, and follow accounts they link to that are relevant.

There's also Clubhouse, and Twitter Spaces, for the audio/listening community.

If you find someone on Twitter who's into SOL and NFTs, and they do an audio room, join it. Some of the people who've risen the farthest and fastest learned this way, through audio rooms.

Finally, it helps to be acquianted with some of the major projects. The most famous one is probably the Degenerate Ape Academy.

They took off fast: launching at around 1 SOL in August '21, they're now selling for about 44 SOL, in October '21.

degen ape image

A handsome guy.

Sometimes artists and big names associated with those projects (or with one of their NFTs as a profile picture) will start a new project - that can be a good way to get early notice.

Big artists will also post about projects they like, which acts as an endorsement and a form of community education at the same time.

So stick around, learn what's good, and buy your first NFT, which we'd suggest should cost around 1 SOL.

If that works out well for you, keep going. If not, then keep learning.

And that's how you can get started with Solana.