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This piece sold for about $10.00.

So you'd like to start buying NFT's, but you don't want to spend a lot on something as a newbie and regret it.

In other words you'd like to start inexpensively. Where can you go?

The first thing you should know is that this is more dependent on the blockchain, than the platform, or the storefront, or the artist.

That might surprise you, but it's the truth. Let's use this analogy.

Imagine I open up a coffeeshop. I want to sell multiple items at a range of prices, from very inexpensive to costly.

Problem is, due to taxes, the minimum amount I can charge per item is $10.00: nothing that I sell can go for less than that.

You're facing an equivalent problem on NFT marketplaces like Opensea. To take the most famous blockchain for high profile NFTs, Ethereum, the amount of transactions has steeply driven the price up.

Because of that, the minimum cost to buy something and transfer it to you - even assuming the artist and the platform makes no money - is often something like $75 (and that's with good planning, as of November 2021).

It's true, by the way, that many people claim these fees will eventually drop, solving the problem. For now, it's unsolved, so you can't rely on that.

So the first place to look at is the blockchain: one that doesn't have high fees.

As it happens, the most popular blockchains today default to high fees (Bitcoin, Ethereum). Ethereum in particular has plans to change this, but it hasn't changed yet.

To beat this problem, new blockchain creators focus on low transactions from the very beginning, from the design phase.

There are some blockchains that don't have high fees. One of them is Solana.

In terms of blockchains today, there's one that really stands out for having a strong selection and very low prices: Tezos.

It has several marketplaces that support it, but a good dedicated one (only Tezos) is objkt.com.


You can buy Tez on Gemini (which explains it well) and Coinbase, along with various other exchanges. From there it's a matter of getting your Tez into a supported wallet (example: Galleon, Umami, etc.) and using it to the buy the art you like.

You can search Twitter to find NFT artworks, and artists too.

Happy hunting!